Understanding French Roulette Clearly to Play and Win Big!

Roulette is a classic casino game that’s stood the test of time and by going online has attracted an even larger audience. Roulet à la française, or French roulette may not be the most popular variant of the game, as this honour goes to the European version, but it is still an incredibly exciting and rewarding form of entertainment that always pulls in the crowds.

Featuring a unique table layout and 37 numbered slots as opposed to the American wheels’ 38, French roulette has a lower house edge and this makes it all the more appealing. The premise of French roulette remains the same as the European and American version and players must simply place their bets and sit back, watch and wait as the croupier spins the wheel and the ball in opposite directions, with the ball eventually landing  in one of the numbered slots when the wheel grinds to a halt. If the ball lands in a numbered pocket that you bet on, you’ll receive a winning payout.

French Roulette Background

Many historians believe that French roulette is the original, authentic variant of the game, and that the European and American styles evolved from this casino classic. As roulette was first played in the king’s court and by nobleman in France, this theory seems to be correct.

As the game of roulette grew in popularity and spread across the globe, it was altered to suit not only the players, but also to benefit casino and gaming rooms, and the American version with its extra zero and higher house edge was created.

French roulette remains the first wheel spinning game and over the centuries it’s taken the world by storm. In the transition to the online environment, French roulette has fared well and although not as popular as the European style, or as adrenalin inducing as American roulette, it certainly has its fans.

Playing French Roulette

Although the house edge in European and French roulette is the same at 2.7% and the wheels both feature 27 numbered slots, players would be incorrect to think that they have the same chances of winning in both games.

A closer look at a French roulette table will reveal that all the betting boxes are in red and that all numbers and words are in French. This means you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the terminology used before you begin playing, in order to fully understand what is going on.

One major advantage of French roulette is that it makes use of the la Partage rule which provides every player who places an even money bet, a fair chance. With the la Partage rule, you’ll receive half your bet amount back if the ball comes to rest in the zero numbered pocket and the house edge is thus brought down to 1.35%, the lowest it ever goes in the game.

French roulette boasts distinct advantages over other variants but many players find that the foreign terms make it tricky to play. If you do opt to try this compelling casino game it is suggested that you first play free games and keep a glossary of the French terms handy.