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Tips on How to Maximise Value in Betting

There are a large number of New Zealand punters that are so enthralled in the excitement that comes with online sports betting that they forget to ask themselves how they can maximise value when placing their preferred bets.

Those that haven’t asked considered this are more than likely not getting max value, and let’s face it, there isn’t a punter in New Zealand that would turn down bigger chances at winning. From finding soft lines to understanding each market, there are a number of ways punters are able to get the most out of their bets.

Find the Best Line

The simplest way for punters to maximise the value on a bet is to engage in a bit of line shopping. In fact, even those that bet on sports recreationally could benefit from a few minutes of searching for the very best betting line.

With an exceptionally large number of mobile betting sites all offering some fantastic odds, Kiwi punters will need to do a bit of shopping first, and consider the sport that they are betting on too.

Bet Correlated Parlays

When it comes to sucker bets, parlays are generally at the top of the list, due to the fact that the payout odds are far from the true odds that a punter would win betting the games on their own.

One of the ways that Kiwi punters can get maximum value when betting is to make use of correlated parlays, which ultimately means betting on 2 outcomes that are related to each other in some way.

While some online sports betting sites offer these bets, many don’t so punters will have to do a bit of hunting for the online or mobile sportsbooks that offer correlated bets as well as accommodate New Zealand punters.

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Point Spread Wagers

Punters that choose to indulge in point spread wagers should make themselves aware of when and when not to buy points. For example, when betting on the NBA it is never a good idea to buy points as they aren’t valuable.

However, one of the times punters would be encouraged to buy points, such as in NFL betting. Essentially, punters will need to figure out exactly how much a point is worth and compare it to the 2 different odds in order to see whether they will get better value.

For instance, if a team needed to win by -3 -110, with a $10 point available to make a new spread, punters should certainly get involved, as moving the spread off of a key number such as 3 is super valuable in football.

Search for Soft Lines

There is a large number of online sports betting sites that use different software to each other as well as employ their very own in-house handicapping team that sets and changes odds for sporting events.

Punters should be sure to check other online sportsbooks when the odds at their chosen one change, as they will end up with a better line and could get that much closer to winning – yet another handy sports betting tip to maximise value in betting.