Silver Surfer Slot Review & Guide for Players

Silver Surfer Slot Review & Guide for Players

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from Marvel have been responsible for creating a variety of incredibly popular comic book characters, many of which have gone on to become the stuff of legend. The Silver Surfer is most certainly one of them, a superhero who goes by the name Norrin Radd in his more ordinary capacity, and he has been fascinating fans of this genre since his 1966 debut.

IGN, a games and media company based in San Francisco, included him in their top 100 best comic book heroes of all times, and Silver Surfer slot is a Cryptologic game based on the tales of this champion.

A Quick Overview Of The Game

Silver Surfer slot is a game for online players that was developed by Cryptologic, and it features five reels and nine paylines. It makes a Marvel progressive jackpot available, along with special symbols and a themed bonus game by which to reach it. Players are able to lay bets that range in amount from 0.05 to 5 on each of the game’s paylines, which allows for a top bet of 45 per spin of the  reels.

Depending on the Silver Surfer slot symbol, two or three landing alongside one another will afford the player a payout, with these icons having to line up from the first reel on the left-hand side of the game’s screen.

The winning symbol combinations will need to be on an active payline in order to afford the player any wins, and the only exception to this rule is combinations that are made up of scatter icons. The maximum payoff index is a multiplication of 3 000 bets per line.

Bonus Games Worth Your Time

The bonus game is presented as a round of respins that afford the player special privileges and this will activate when the substitute appears on the second and fourth reels, as long as no Galactus appears on the third.

The wild will expand to fill all three of the open positions on the reels, and free spins will need to played at the current bet amount and the number of active reels that were in place when this portion of play was triggered. Free play will continue until Galactus lands on the player’s third reel.

Symbols To Look Out For

The Silver Surfer slot NZ symbols that players will be working with include icons depicting the hero for which the game is named; his antagonist Galactus; various depictions of the equipment belonging to the champion; stars; planets and asteroids.

There are also a number of special symbols available, and these will behave differently to the other icons for Silver Surfer slot:

  • The substitute or wild: an image of the Silver Surfer himself, able to appear only on the second and fourth reels.
  • Although this icon is not able to form paid combinations on its own, it is able to stand in for other symbols for the game, helping to create winning combinations on behalf of the player in this manner. The only icon which it is not able to substitute is that of the scatter.
  • The scatter: the logo for Silver Surfer slot.

  • When a minimum of two of these appear on the player’s screen, no matter where they happen to do so, the player will receive a payout.
  • This amount can be calculated by multiplying the player’s total bet by the indexes of two; five; 20 or 125, for two; three; four; or five scatter symbols appearing.