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Retro Styled 8 Ball Slots Game Review

The 8 Ball Slots game is a retro-style video slots game that takes players back into the world of playing 8 Ball.

The game is based on a game of pool, and the entire video slots game has the look and feel thereof. Players will be greeted by a bright green playing screen, made to replicate the bright green pool table. The corner pockets and side pockets of the actual pool table will also appear on the playing screen to give players that more authentic feel. The numbered pool balls appear on the screen as the reel symbols. The sound effects in use also try to re-create that sound and feeling of playing a round of pool.

The game has been kept simple, and the designers, Playtech, have thereby made it accessible to a range of players, both novice and experienced.

Different Pool Ball Symbols and Payouts

As said, the symbols in the 8 Ball Slots iPhone pokies game represent the different numbered pool balls. Like in pool, there are two combinations, the solid pool balls and the striped pool balls, and there are fifteen different balls in total.

If players land any combination of either three solid pool ball symbols or three striped pool ball symbols, they will receive a small payout. If they manage to land combinations of three solid pool balls numbered either two, four, or six, then they will receive slightly higher payouts. If they manage to hit winning combinations with the striped balls with the numbers nine, eleven, thirteen, or fifteen, they will receive even higher payouts.

The highest winning combinations occur when players manage to land at least three of the 8 Ball symbols on an active pay line. This 8 Ball symbol is marked by a star-shaped halo and cannot be counted as a solid ball or a striped ball. The 8 Ball symbol is the rarest of all the symbols, so players are not likely to land this combination very often. If they do land the combination, however, they will be able to receive the 8 Ball Slots game’s highest payout. If they have a coin bet of one, then the payout will be eight hundred times their original bet. If they have a coin bet of two, then the payout will be two thousand times the original bet.

8 Ball Slots gameplay

To make identification of the different pool ball symbols easier, each ball has a different colour.

Setting Up For Game Play

Playing the 8 Ball Slots game is relatively simple. In many ways, the game is similar to the traditional fruit machines, so there is no fuss or hassle when it comes to features and setting it up, and getting to grips with the game should be relatively easy.

The 8 Ball slots game by Playtech offers its players three reels and one pay line. Players can choose whether they wish to bet one coin or two coins on each spin. The minimum bet lies at 0.05 while the maximum bet lies at 10.0.