Realtime Gaming’s Pick ’Em Video Poker Reviewed Online

Realtime Gaming is a leading Video Poker software producer, and has developed many popular versions of the game. Their Pick ‘Em Video Poker game is something a little different, which can make for a refreshing change of pace. If you’re interested in learning more about this variation before you try it out, keep reading below.

The Basics of Pick ‘Em Video Poker

In most versions of Video Poker, you’ll be dealt 5 cards and will then be able to choose which to keep and which to replace as you try to create the best possible hand. With this game, you’re dealt 2 single cards and then 2 stacks of 3 cards. You’re not allowed to discard the single cards and have to choose which of the 2 stacks to keep based on their top cards and on the 2 singles.

All of this makes Pick ‘Em based more on chance and less on skill than most other Video Poker games, although with a house edge of just 0.05% it can still be very rewarding and is often the choice of gamblers on a tight budget who want to play for as long as possible.

As always the game’s rate table is displayed on the screen above the cards and starts with a pair of nines or better, then goes up in order to a two pair, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and a royal flush. A standard deck of 52 cards is used and coin denominations or 0.05, 0.25, 0.5, 1 and 5. You can bet up to 5 coins at a time, which is recommended if possible as it will maximise your takings. For four of a kind, straight flushes and royal flushes betting 5 coins actually gets you extra payouts as well.

Like all Realtime’s Video Poker games, Pick ‘Em uses Random Number Generation to ensure fairness, allows individual casino sites to set minimum and maximum payout limits and offers a no-deposit free play mode. Use this modality to make sure you’re happy with the site you’ve chosen, and to practice your skills before you bet.

Pick ‘Em Poker Strategy

There has actually been a lot of strategy developed for this game, and with time and practice it’s reportedly possible to get a return of up to 99.9%. As a starting point, follow the basic advice below:

  • Always hold any 3 card straight flush draw over any other flush draw
  • A straight flush draw is stronger than a low pair except if the straight flush draw has no high cards and 2 insides
  • On the other hand, hold a low pair over a normal flush draw except if the normal flush draw contains at least 2 high cards
  • A high pair is always better than a straight flush draw
  • A royal flush draw is always better than a high pair except if the royal flush draw has an ace, since the ace limits the number of straight possibilities

As you play more and more you’ll discover different strategies and calculators online to help you make your decision, and will come to trust your own instincts. Players that are really invested in their games will continue to evolve and develop throughout their Video Poker careers, and this variant is a good one to add to any repertoire.