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Real Online Casino Canada Sites Offer Variety

When you think of Canada, one immediately conjures up images of expansive natural scenes, contrasting landscapes and bustling cosmopolitan cities that are well-known for their vibrant multicultural appeal and rich history. The chances of you associating Canada with a thriving online casino industry is probably less likely and you might even be surprised to discover that some of the very first online casinos were licenced in Canada.

Early Forms of Gambling in Canada

Although real online casino Canada sites have enjoyed growing popularity over the last decade or so, the Canadian gambling scene has a much older history. Ever since the first landfall in Canada by John Cabot in 1497, it has been documented that the native population were testing their luck playing various forms of games of chance. At the time it was believed that these games aided mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Of course, the concept of a real online casino Canada site that can be accessed on the internet couldn’t have even been imagined at the time, and the indigenous population instead occupied themselves with rudimentary gambling games that involved pebbles and sticks played in an informal, natural setting. The fundamental premise of these games, however, remain unchanged, even till today.

With the arrival of various settlers in Canada, traditional playing cards were introduced and the birth of early versions of games such as faro eventually lead to the evolution of what we know today as online blackjack Canada and poker. Canadians saw dice games and barbette cement their title as firm favourites over the years, adding to the growing selection of gambling games available at the time.

Evolution of the Canadian Gambling Industry

Unlike today, where you can find real online casino Canada sites that are fully licenced and regulated, the gambling industry in Canada hasn’t always been permitted to thrive- or even exist for that matter. All forms of gambling were banned in 1892 by the Canadian Criminal Code but as time passed public perceptions on gambling changed and with it the laws.

The start of the new century saw raffles and bingo permitted for charitable purposes and only a short decade later, horse racing was included in the list of acceptable forms of gambling. The next few decades saw the code ease up on its firm stance, and in 1925 the right to stage gambling events was granted to fairs and exhibitions.

This was followed by the first lottery in Canada being held in 1974 to raise funds for the Olympics in Montreal. The times were indeed changing and Canada as the following few decades saw the epic rise of land-based casinos.

Online Canadian Casino Phenomenon

The advent of the internet and the speed at which technology has progressed has created a thriving online gambling industry for Canadians to take advantage of. Players who on the hunt to find a real online casino Canada sites are spoilt for choice and you’re bound to find something that suits your particular needs and tickles your fancy. From a variety of top-notch online slots, high stakes baccarat and online casino games, Canadian players have loads of high quality options.

Real online casino Canada sites offer an excellent selection of online casino games, the best of which boast a high level of visual appeal, impressive animation, compelling plot lines, crisp sound effects and user-friendly interface. With so many wonderfully crafted online casino games available, anything less than an entertaining and engaging gaming experience just isn’t tolerated.