Parkes Cup Horse Racing

The Parkes Cup Horse Racing at a Glance for Bettors

Parkes is a small community in the western plains of New South Wales, and was originally founded in 1853 as the settlement of Currajong for the abundance of kurrajongs trees in the area, but after that became known as Bushman’s Lead. The small town was renamed Parkes in 1873. Parkes attracted attention during the gold rush of the 1870s, and even to this day some mining companies still have profitable gold and copper mining sites in the region.

Parkes became a sister city with Coventry in England in 1030, in honour of Sir Henry Parkes who was born in Coventry. Also very important in the region of Parkes, is the Parkes Observatory. Parkes scientists have assisted NASA for several missions as a southern hemisphere relay and communications station. A rich variety of farming is conducted in the region surrounding Parkes, although the staple farming products are wheat and wool.

Parkes Racecourse is operated by the Parkes Jockey Club, and is home to two main events in January every year. The King Merino Cup is one of the important events, but the main race is the Parkes Cup, and this race attracts crowds every year. The Parkes Racecourse is good sized, being 2000 metres in total with a straight of 400 metres.  The Parkes Cup race is run with a sense of pride in the knowledge of the effect the event plays in the life of the town.

The Parkes Cup has been the main event of the races since 1887.

Love of Racing

The love of the race track in the population of Australia has increased with the growth of all the racing events being held every year in the farming and industrial towns throughout the country. The love of betting on these races is also an activity that has grown in popularity through the years, and is now a favourite pastime of more Australians than ever before. The online sports betting scene these days is fully operational. Winnings are often sizeable and the rewards of wagering increasing correspondingly. Sports books are easy to access, and to everyone great wins are just around the corner.

Parkes Cup Horse Racing Betting

The Beginning of Race Betting

The earliest equestrian events in the world were racing horses. Horses have been part of people’s lives for centuries, being an important part of many activities, including farming. People have always been fascinated by the speed of the animals, as well as their strength, and the huge prestige of owning the fastest of them is as meaningful as it has ever been. Winning a bet on the horses is just as important too, as it was in the beginning of the hobby of wagering. With the introduction of the internet in the last decade or so, betting on horse races has become easier to access, and even more profitable. Even betting on the smaller races, like the Parkes Cup has become more popular in Australia.

Different Kinds of Bets can be Placed

Of all the bets that are possible, there are three that are the favourites with punters all over the world. The most popular is the win (this wagering type is also favourite in soccer betting at, then the place, and the each way bet. That means either a top three finish, a first place, or one of the two respectively. The dedicated punter will be able to find the most favourable odds that are offered, and increase the possibility of a good win.