Monopoly – Here and Now Slots Reviewed

Monopoly – Here and Now Slots Reviewed Online

Monopoly has always been one of the classic games and Monopoly – Here and Now by IGT is one of the new additions to the online slots games using the Monopoly theme. The game stays true to the classic in using the most popular symbols thereof, and these will include properties, airports, utilities, and the Monopoly – Here and Now logo. The game also makes use of the standard poker value playing cards, running through from the nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and to aces. All of these standard playing cards are marked with a playing piece. The traditional playing pieces have been replaced in favour of more modern icons, and some of these include a skateboard and a mobile phone.

The Mr Monopoly Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Monopoly – Here and Now is represented by the icon of Mr Monopoly. This Mr Monopoly wild symbol can be used to substitute any of the other symbols in order to help players complete winning combinations. It does not operate as a stacked wild nor does it offer players a multiplier.

The Scatter Board Bonus Feature

The board bonus symbol is the scatter symbol in the Monopoly – Here and Now slots game. Landing three board bonus symbols will trigger the board bonus feature. Here, players will have to choose a pair of dice, which will reveal how many times the player will be able to roll the dice in the board bonus feature. In this feature, players will be taken to a screen with the Monopoly playing board, and they will then roll the dice to move around the board. If they land on a property, they will receive the value thereof as a bonus payout.

Playing Slot Monopoly – Here and Now

Going to Jail

Players also have the chance of landing on ‘Go To Jail’ in the bonus board feature. Here they will have to roll doubles to be able to escape. If they succeed, they may return to the game. If players do not roll doubles after three rolls, they will automatically be moved to the ‘Just Visiting’ area and can then continue playing.

The Free Parking Jackpot

Players will have the chance to spin for the free parking jackpot within the board bonus feature. If players land on the free parking sign, they will have to spin a wheel to see which colour car moves forward, heading towards the free parking jackpot meter. The first car that moves three times and reaches the meter will win players the respective jackpot. The free parking jackpot feature can be re-activated within the same bonus board round as only the meter won will be reset to the original pay line bet that activated the board bonus. The other meters will stay at their value and only re-set once the player returns to the base game.

Other Features

Two other features in the bonus board round are landing on ‘go’ or landing on a chance or community chest card. If players land directly on ‘go’, they will receive one extra roll. If players land on one of the card symbols, the respective card will be drawn and the player rewarded accordingly. This may be a simple move of the game piece, an extra dice roll, or a payout.