Mobile Boule Guide

Mobile Boule Guide for Online Casino Players

Boule, or la Boule is a traditional French game that’s been enjoyed in land based casinos and gaming establishments for many years. Thought to originate in Antibes, France, Boule has made its way online and is now available for play on your mobile.

You can enjoy the thrill of this fun, high energy game on the go at top rated mobile online boule casinos. Your iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android smartphone or tablet is the key to accessing this stylish form of entertainment, and as the game is so simple to learn, you could be well on your way to winning big within a few minutes!

La Boule directly translated, is French for ball, and the game of boule is very similar to roulette. Mobile online boule games have been adapted slightly for handheld devices but you’ll still enjoy the same realistic and authentic game play whenever and wherever you desire.

The Rules of Mobile Online Boule

Mobile online boule is played in the same manner as if you were at a land based gaming venue. In boule, there is a wheel with 9 numbers and 3 colours, and a ball that is sent flying around the wheel until it comes to a stop in one of the numbered sections. The boule wheel is numbered 1 to 9, with numbers 1, 3, 6 and 8 coloured black, 2, 4, 7 and 9 coloured red and a single yellow compartment that displays the number 5.

Wagers work in a similar way to roulette with players able to bet on a single number, colour, even or odd number, or low or high; between 1-4 and 6-9.

Players will place their bets and the dealer will then call ‘Rien ne va plus” which means no more bets, and the wheel will be spun. Wherever the ball lands up determines the outcome of the game, and payouts depend on the bets placed at the outset.

The Odds of Boule

The Odds of Boule

When played for real money, mobile online boule can be very lucrative, but it’s just as enjoyable when played for free. Interesting, boule has a far higher house edge than roulette as each bet is set at 11.11%, making it much more challenging for the player to beat the house. Every bet has odds of 1-1 except for single number or betting on the yellow, which is 7-1.

Although challenging and far tougher than roulette, boule definitely has its fans. Players who want to try their luck can do so at a mobile online boule casino, and as this game is very simple and plays out quickly, it’s ideal for enjoying on the go.

Boule Strategies

Compared to poker at, Boule is not really a game of skill, and new players will do just as well as those who have been indulging in this enthralling game for a while. What many more experienced players opt to do is to watch for a pattern that emerges after playing for a while or pin their luck on a specific number or set of numbers in the hope that they will eventually prove fruitful.

Every player’s ideal win is the yellow number 5, as this pays out at 7 times their bet.