Let It Ride Poker Game Review & Tips

Let It Ride Poker is a type of poker that was first introduced in land-based casinos in 1993 by a company focusing on automatic shuffling machines. The game has become increasingly popular as players do not bet against other players or the dealer, making it suitable for online casino entertainment.  The Let It Ride Poker game is available online as a featured release by Amaya Gaming.

How to Play Let It Ride Poker

The Let It Ride Poker game, regardless of whether it is played at crazy luck casino or land-based casinos, will be played as a table game that is similar in layout to a blackjack table. The Let It Ride Poker table will have three betting circles, each with different bets.

In order to begin playing the Let It Ride Poker game, players will need to place the minimum bet on all three circles. The automatic shuffling machine will then deal three cards at a time. The player will keep two of these, facing down, and discard one. Only then are players allowed to check their hand. They will then be able to take back one of their bets if they are not confident in the hand they have been dealt.

At this point of the game, the dealer will reveal one of his or her two cards. This card will be counted towards the player’s card, and players can use this dealer card to complete or better their hand. If the dealer’s card is not favourable to the player’s hand, then the player can withdraw a second bet from the second circle of the table. The last and final bet, however, cannot be withdrawn and must be played.

Once players have made their decisions, the dealer will reveal his final facedown card, which will again be used by the players to aid their hand and to complete the five-card poker hand. To win, players will need to have at least a pair of tens or better.

Let It Ride Poker Strategy

Avid Let It Ride Poker players have come up with various poker strategies to aid in playing the game and making the chances of winning more likely. With this, they have established various hands where players should ‘let it ride’, that is play, and others they should bet down on.

Some of the hands players are advised to play include a pair of tens or better, three cards that could be counted towards a royal flush, or any three cards that could be counted towards a straight flush. Once players have been dealt the next card, that is, at the point the dealer reveals his first card, they should continue playing if their hand contains or has the making of a pair of tens or better, any four cards that could count towards a straight flush or a royal flush, any four cards that could count towards a regular flush, any four high value poker cards, or any four cards that could be counted towards a straight.