Internet Slots Basics Explained

Immersive, entertaining and exciting, internet slots are the most-played online casino game worldwide. Since bursting onto the scene in the 1990’s online slots games have captivated players and offered them the chance to enjoy realistic and authentic entertainment in the comfort of their own homes.

Internet slots are available in abundance and with so many incredible themed games there’s something to suit every player. From fruit emblazoned reels to those that feature superhero or other iconic movie characters, online slots games are mesmerising. From the minute you place your first bet you’ll be whisked off on a reel spinning adventure that could end with a very lucrative payout.

In addition to boasting graphic-rich themes that come to life, slots games are available in a large number of variations with differing lines, reels and payout potential. In order to ensure that you understand a little bit more about internet slots the typical characteristics of the games have been explained so that you can start having fun with confidence.


The first slot prototype created by Charles Fey in the late 1880’s featured 3 reels, and to this day, 3 reeled slots are known as classic slots as they are based on the original version. 3, 5 and 7 reel slots games are now incredibly popular and with 5 or more reels there are usually at least one payline.


One or more paylines can run across the reels and 3, 5, 9, 15 and even 20 paylines are commonplace in internet slots. To create a winning combination, designated symbols must line up across an enabled payline in order to activate a payout.

On the classic reel games there will be only 1 payline running across the centre and players can bet one or more coins at a time, but increasing the bet amount won’t add to your winning chances.

On internet slots with more than 1 payline players can increase their coin bet amount and activate more paylines. You don’t have to play all paylines if you’d prefer to bet lower, but the bigger your wager, the greater your chances are of a winning result.


Internet slots will have a number of horizontal running rows that are emblazoned with symbols on the vertically placed reels. Players are given an overview of the game with these rows, and they often tantalise you with just-missed winning combinations, offering incentive to try again.

Coin Denomination

Some real money online pokies are low volatility meaning that bets are lower and although payouts may be more regular, they are usually quite small. High volatility games such as progressive jackpot slots require bigger bets and when they do payout, the amounts can be life changing. Coin denominations may start at as little as 0.01 and go up to 500 at the most, and players of all budgets are easily accommodated thanks to the variety of games available.

Coin Bets

Maximum coin bet limits are usually clearly displayed on the internet slots game and there may also be a MaxBet button that automatically places the highest number of coins and enables all paylines at once. On a classic slots game the maximum bet is usually 3 coins but in video slots as many as 10 coins or more can be played.

With a better understanding of the characteristics of internet slots you should be able to choose the games that best suit you with ease.