Football Betting Tips in New Zealand

With sports betting and online sportsbooks reaching new levels of popularity amongst punters all over the world, it comes as no surprise that New Zealand has ensured that they get in on the action.

Football happens to be one such sport that New Zealanders have shown interest in betting on, with the sport sparking an immense amount of emotion, passion and excitement. Football betting has become just as exciting as the game itself, with many punters so passionate about their teams that they are willing to back them with support as well as with their wallets.

There is no way that punters could successfully engage in some sports betting without knowing a great deal about the game, which is why football betting tips are nothing short of essential.

New Zealand Football Betting

One of the most important football betting tips is to know all there is to know about the sport and what the procedure is when placing any bets on it. There are only 3 outcomes in football, namely a win, lose or draw and the likelihood of one team defeating another will be reflected in the betting odds given by online betting bookmakers.

That said, the bets that can be placed on football go beyond determining who the winner will be and can include first scorer bets, anytime scorer bets, correct scorer, bets, half-time and full-time bets and much more. Live betting also allows for additional bets to be made, with some fantastic odds offered to, so it would definitely be advisable for die-hard fans of football betting to take a closer look at it.

Popular Markets

The bets that were mentioned above make up just some of the popular betting markets that New Zealanders have taken too and getting football betting tips on the most lucrative options could be the difference between a light or heavy wallet after the game is over.

For example, the odds on a first scorer bet are a lot better due to the fact that any one of the 22 players (plus substitutes) could be the first one to score. Another extremely popular methods of football betting is an accumulator bet, where punters increase their potential return on a wager by betting on many teams to win/lose/draw while the odds reflect the likelihood of all lines of the bet being successful.

Top-Quality Sites

Possibly the most vital of football betting tips to consider is which site to place bets at and why they should be chosen over any other sites. Knowing which sportsbook is the best is not always easy, but there are a few things that can be considered in order to ensure that punters are at least signing up with one of the best.

The first thing to look for is what they have on offer, before ensuring that that particular betting entity is operating within the laws and regulations of the area they are located in. Great sites will be accredited by a renowned company such as eCOGRA and will offer the finest in banking transactions and safety.

Lastly, a good bonus offer is always a good idea, allowing punters to add to their bankroll and gain an advantage with their first bets.