Emerald Casino in Clondalkin, Ireland Review

Any land based gaming action that takes place in Clondalkin Ireland, will only take place in the Emerald Casino. The Emerald is the closest thing Ireland has to a casino chain. Like any good gaming chain, they remain consistent with the format, and the Clondalkin casino offers a great mix of slots and table gaming action. The Clondalkin casino is the largest of the company’s three gaming properties.

Like all the Emerald casinos, the main claim to fame, is that they all offer some of the best poker action in the country. In fact, the card table at the Clondalkin venue is the biggest in the country. There are twenty tables available which will allow seating for two hundred players. This casino also hosts many tournaments, both local and international, as well as championship games. Some of these tournaments offer huge prizes. The Emerald casinos also offer the widest selection of other table games as well as poker, and the most comprehensive range of slots games in the country.

The Technological Influence

The gaming company that runs the Emerald casinos in Ireland is a master of making the best use of space, and there is a good number of gaming tables provided for the players. The casino has expanded to accommodate the growing number of players, and there are now plenty of games to satisfy everyone.

Fans of electronic gaming are well catered for, the casino having five banks of electronic roulette machines. This ensures that no prospective players are left waiting for long. There are no dedicated roulette tables at the casino, so the electronic versions are used by all players. The casino also has more than two hundred slots machines, with a mixture of familiar favourites and also the latest releases, ensuring a huge choice. The Emerald casino in Clondalkin, Ireland also provides two blackjack tables and a Caribbean Stud table, which is rare in Ireland. The main attraction at Emerald Casino in Clondalkin, Ireland and the main speciality of the house, is however, the huge number of poker tables and the slots machines with their great variety of games.

Getting the Emerald Casino in Clondalkin, Ireland Experience Online

The number of slots machines offered online is growing all the time, and the same combination of the classic games and outstanding new releases are also available online.

The Emerald Casino Clondalkin, Ireland undoubtedly provides great gaming action. The player can simply register for a free membership, and then get started on one of Ireland’s most comprehensive selection of casino games. If the player is ma poker enthusiast then the most impressive action is catered for in this casino, and in the online casino site all the action and variety of the games offered at the Emerald casino will be right at the fingertips of the player.

Bonuses Offered

One of the best ways of obtaining an advantage when it comes to online casino gaming, is to make use of all the various bonuses that are offered. The casinos do of course use these bonuses in order to entice players to play with them, but if the player is shrewd they can definitely make the difference between a winning and losing session.