Cricket Betting Hints That Can Help to Win

Cricket is fantastic sport for any potential sport bettors. With interesting game play, slower paced game play, a wide variety of betting options and watch-able from near anywhere, cricket is possibly the best sport for any new bettors to try. Below are a few great hints to help you make your cricket betting profitable and enjoyable at the same time.

The Right Sportsbook

Betting with the right sportsbook can change the way you bet, especially in cricket. Below are a few key points to look for in the right sportsbook.

  • Betting Options – Most sportsbooks offer betting on cricket but some tend to overlook anything other than outright wins. When choosing a sportsbook for cricket betting, be sure to find one that offers a great variety of bets. Having a good variety can make a big difference to your betting game as not only does it allow for more frequent bets, but more accurate bets too.
  • Odds – odds play a huge factor in any nature of sports betting. Different sportsbooks supply different odds. Be sure to check a few sportsbooks to ensure the best odds, while the odds may not differ much, the small differences can add up in your overall profitability.
  • Live betting – With the slower and more methodical pace of cricket, it is a fantastic sport to try your hand at live betting. Be sure to select a sportsbook with decent live betting options. If done correctly, live betting can be a great addition to your bets.

What To Bet On

In cricket there are a consistent and wide variety of different leagues, tournaments and events to bet on. This is where the initial stages of research will come in to play. Choose one or two spaced out leagues to bet on. Knowledge is vital in any sports betting, stretching yourself too thin over several leagues can not only be frustrating but lead to loosing bets as well.

This may seem counter-intuitive as more opportunities are generally considered better, but when starting with cricket bets, stick to one league at a time. A great place to start would be the ICC Cricket World Cup as it is one of the biggest tournaments available with fantastic coverage. Another thing to take into consideration when choosing on what to bet is the amount of tips available for any given game online. While it is never recommended to blindly follow the advice of tipsters, they can be a great way to affirm your betting decisions.

Be Realistic

If you plan on making money in your bets, it is very important to be realistic with yourself. No punter can win 100% of their bets. If you expect yourself to win over 70% of your bets in the beginning, you are likely just setting yourself up for failure. Be realistic with what you want to achieve, even the smallest profit is still a profit and you are doing better than a lot of bettors out there.

Start small with attainable goals in mind to keep your motivation for betting going strong.