Cashino Philosophy and online developments

Cashino Meant to be an Attractive Idea

Cashino is in reality a made-up word, an amalgam of cash and casino that is meant to conjure up a picture of profitable casino play. A misnomer, perhaps, but if popularity were the measure, then certainly successful.

Cashino refers to Cashino Gaming Limited casino play venues, game and amusements arcades that are to be found throughout the British Isles. The Cashino range is becoming fairly ubiquitous and now includes a prestigious Beacon chain of bingo clubs and the venues boast that they certainly know how to take care of their guests. Cashino was launched in 1972, and have their head offices in Nuneaton, Milton Keynes. All the Beacon bingo clubs in around the United Kingdom such as Weoley Castle, Worcestershire and Redditch are part of the Cashino family. As a matter of fact, the concept of Cashino casinos has become so accepted that Barcrest have designed a Cashino slots game too, all about casinos.

The Cashino Philosophy

The Cashino brand see online casino play as being an extension of a series of linked land-based casinos throughout the country that are customer-friendly places to enjoy high action slots play and regular bingo games. The Cashino online casino site operates as the link between all these sites. It provides information on the various land-based Cashino locations as well as news and updates. Slots players at the online site can stream Jackpot FM, the Casino brand radio station played at all the land-based venues.

The Background of the Group

Besides horse betting, Cashino Gaming is part of the Praesepe Group. As a result of this recent merger Cashino is now also part of the parent company, Merkur Casino UK and the Gauselmann Group. In buying out the Praesepe Group, their founder and CEO, Nick Harding was established as CEO of the new company.

The objective of the merger, in terms of the effect on the Cashino venues around the country, has been to provide even easier access to quality bingo and slots play both in brick and mortar casinos as well as online. The expansion of the services provided at the venues has also improved technical service and customer care capabilities.

Cashinos current establishment, the active promotion of their sites and the enhanced credibility of the group bodes well for the future. The casino industry worldwide has grown consistently, notwithstanding various economic catastrophes that have happened over the past ten years.

The Online Developments

Mercurial adherence to modern developments has ushered in the Cashino online casino site. The site offers many unique and intriguing slots games, as well as directions to all land-based venues. Now part of one of the larger and most diverse gambling organisations in Europe, the Casino Group includes 9 Beacon Bingo Clubs, 8 seaside family amusement centres and 150 Adult Gaming Centres.

Cashino has forecast significant growth in the medium term. Expansion is planned, accompanied by new job creation prospects and the development of new income streams. The website development is part of this evolution. is operated under the licence of Praesepe On-Line Limited, and is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the UK Gambling Commission.