Bullseye Bucks Online Slots Overview

Amaya Software is the largest name in the online slots game, having become so in just ten short years since its inception. Boasting exclusive licences to DC Comics characters, as well as having licences from Activision and Paramount, Amaya has some big names in its stable, featuring brilliant graphics and animations, big payouts and sweeping soundtracks.

Bullseye Bucks at Canadian casino online is a simpler rendition of some of these: the game is set against the backdrop of a red and white canvas awning, surrounded by a clutter of stuffed toy prizes, and watched over by a less than enthusiastic carnie named Pete. A simple pipe organ tune plays, and the eponymous targets are turned over, rather than spun on reels, to the popping sound of a toy shotgun.  All buttons on screen are in the shape of carnival tickets, and make for a simple system of placing bets.

Symbols and Values

The lower value symbols range from a “Miss” marker to a Gold Star, a Teddy Bear, Milk Bottles and a smiling Clown. The higher values are represented by those carnival favourites, the candy apple, and the mysterious hot dog, while the Wild symbol, which can substitute for any of these, takes the form of Cotton Candy (or candy floss, or most descriptively “ghost-breath”, depending on where you find yourself.)In addition, there’s a Wild Bonus if this is used to complete a line of the higher value symbols.

Basic Features of the Game

Bullseye Bucks does not feature any Scatter symbol, or the Free Spins that normally accompany these, but it does contain three bonus features that you will find appearing with some regularity. Striking three or more of the green Dollar sign symbols on adjacent reels will usher in Pete’s Payday Bonus. The boss arrives and dispenses largesse, without the need for you to do anything further. 4 of these symbols nets a 2 times multiplier, while 5 of them will multiply your original bet by 3.

Simple and Fun

Bullseye Bucks is easily laid out, with a relatively fixed system of betting. It’s a basic game, but great fun, and potentially rewarding.

Bonus Mini Games

Like any good carnival stall, there are fun bonuses to be had: the first is called the Prize Pick, which is activated by landing three or more of the Bonus symbols featuring a stuffed toy lion on adjacent reels. This takes you to a separate screen, where you have to select mystery prizes without landing on an “Out of Stock” symbol. Pick four successfully, and you are taken to the second level, where the prizes increase in value, and the process is repeated to take you to the last third level.

The second mini-game is the Duck Shoot, and is activated by landing three or more rubber duckies in adjacent reels. In a separate screen, you can now take pot shots at a row of moving ducks, and each one, when hit, will reveal a 1, 2 or 5 times value multiplier. If you see “MISS”, the game ends and returns you to the original screen, but finding the “Sharpshooter” symbol will bag you a 20 times multiplier.