Biggest Golf Betting Events

If you’re betting on golf , chances are you already know what major events there are to bet on but if you’re just starting out it’s good to take a look at what events are out there and which ones you’re likely to follow and bet on. For example, many more Americans follow PGA than the European Tour or ET. This is because for Americans, the PGA is where all their household names can be seen on the green, whereas the European tour might contain phenomenal players that they’ve never encountered. Knowing where your expertise is, is always a helpful tool to know where to start betting. But let’s jump in to the most betted upon annual golf events.

The Masters Tournament

The Masters is an American golf tournament that takes place at the same location every year: the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. It’s one of the four main golfing championships. It’s an exclusive event, being invitational and laced with tradition and significance.

Big name players are given an honorary opening tee shot, winners are awarded the symbolic green jacket and are also invited to an annual dinner that’s open only to winners. This is where you’ll see some of the major names in golf really giving it their all as being invited to play here and becoming part of the clubs’ traditions is a big dream for many golfers.

The U.S Open

 The US Open is also an incredibly prestigious event with about half of the players present being exempt from having to qualify. The event takes place at various courses throughout the states and the winning title is usually claimed by an American player.

This is an exciting event to bet on as the games are characterised by tight scores and initially unclear outcomes. The courses are tricky, with a lot of undulation, tight squeezes and hazards. If you’re going to be betting on the U.S Open, it’s time to start analysing previous games and player’s individual abilities and comparing these figures to the type of course they’ll be playing on. It has one of the highest purses available at 12.5 million USD.

The PGA Championship

 The PGA Championship is exclusive in a different way as it’s a championship exclusively for professional players. This is in part due to the fact that winning the PGA secures one’s career in professional golfing. The winner is automatically invited to the other top four events, is declared eligible to play in the PGA for life, and has his doors open to join an international tour such as the ET. Due to its function within the top 4 events, the PGA can be used to really get a sense of who might be on top in the other annual events. A player that wins the PGA has a very high chance of doing well in the Masters or Opens as he’s instantly invited to play.

There are, of course, many other events worth watching and betting on, but these tournaments are of fundamental significance. Keep watching, keep learning, keep winning.