Betting on Australian Rules Football Explained

Australia is a unique country with different ways of doing things to the rest of the world. This extends to the nation’s sports betting rules as well; Australian rules football in particular.

Aussie rules football is often intriguing to people who live outside of Australia, but it can also be perplexing due to its individual set of rules and regulations. The NFL and American football are similar to rugby in some ways, but Aussie rules football is on a level of its own.

Understanding Aussie Rules Football

Australian rules football is a dynamic and fast-paced local variation of football. The game requires players with an exceptionally high level of fitness, which makes it uniquely exciting to wager on

It is played with an elliptical ball similar to a traditional rugby ball. With that said, rules dictate that players must bounce this ball once every 15 metres or face disqualification. Players can pass the ball by spiking it with their hand or by kicking it to one of their team mates.

How Points are Scored

Points in Aussie rules football are scored by kicking the ball through a goal post for 6 points, or behind the posts for 1 point. The ball can score points at any height, and the variety in scoring and passes give the game its fast-paced nature.

Top AFL Betting Tips

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the top tier of pro Aussie rules football. The League has 18 teams and a long history dating as far back as 1897. Five of the six Australian states have football teams that constitute this division.

Each season includes 23 rounds and 22 matches in total. Every club is granted one round off as a bye, and the top 8 qualifiers are sent to the Finals Series. They then compete in a single elimination contest to determine the Grand Final winner.

Popular AFL Markets

There are a number of different betting markets attached to the AFL. One of the most popular markets is the overall points market. Also called the over/under, this market’s popularity is owned to the league’s high scoring nature.

Fans are also able to bet on AFL Grand Final winners, outright winners and futures before the campaign begins. The AFL starts in March and ends in September each year.

One of the best Aussie rules football strategies for sports bettors is to wager on an underdog team that scores numerous behinds. If you find a team that scores most of their points from behinds, they will theoretically be capable of causing an upset, making them a great betting choice.

Finding a Great Sportsbook

Possibly the most important tip for Aussie rules sports betting is to find a reliable online sportsbook to wager with. There are many online and mobile bookmakers that cover Aussie rules football, including the AFL and smaller seasonal games as well.

Be sure to sign up with a bookie that offers plenty of promotions and free bets to further boost your bankroll and your chances of scoring solid returns!